Who We Are

The Columbia Basin Baptist Association is a ministry cooperative between Southern Baptist Churches in Southeast Washington and Northeast Oregon. These thirty churches have banded together in order to accomplish ministry objectives that no one would be able to achieve by itself.

The five ministry areas are:

Camp Touchet – Our camp facility located in the Blue Mountains.
Disaster Relief– Helping meet the needs of those effected by disaster.
Campus Ministry – Reaching out to college campuses and students.
Church Resourcing – Helping our churches meet each other’s needs.
Interchurch Fellowship – Promoting events and activities for churches.

Here is what the operations of the CBBA looks like graphically. It all starts (on left) and ends (on right) with the churches. It is the churches and the individual members of those churches who make the guiding decisions and do the daily work. Between the Annual Meeting of the Churches (left) and the Daily Involvement of the Members (right) are:

  • The Executive Board – A representative group from the churches that tends to the quarterly operations and finances of the CBBA.
  • The Administrative Committee – An elected body that tends to the monthly operations and oversees the work of the Ministry Teams.
  • The Ministry Teams – Work teams made up of church members with interest and energy in specific ministries.
  • Staff – Paid and Volunteer individuals who carry out tasks assigned by the Admin Committee and are guided by the Ministry Teams.

CBBA Structure Graphic 1-2011